1 Jul 2021

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has published an action plan to improve its governance. The plan also addresses recommendations made today by the Legal Services Board (LSB) in its review of the BSB’s governance.

The LSB was established by the 2007 Legal Services Act and monitors the regulatory performance of all the legal service regulators. Today’s LSB report followed an assessment by the LSB, based on an analysis focusing mainly around three issues considered by the BSB Board in the period between April 2018 and March 2020, that some improvements were needed to the way in which the BSB is governed.

The BSB regularly reviews its own performance in order to improve its governance and agrees with the LSB that it could be more explicit in its focus on its statutory objectives, that it should do more to encourage consumers to engage with its work and that it should always have sufficient information to make regulatory decisions. The BSB’s action plan and its own review of governance, which is currently ongoing, will ensure that the LSB’s findings are fully taken into account as it continues to improve and develop its governance.



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