22 Dec 2020

An updated version of the BSB Handbook will come into force at the end of the transition period following the UK’s exit from the EU. The changes affect Registered European Lawyers (RELs) practising at the Bar of England and Wales, and European lawyers seeking to be admitted to the Bar. They also implement provisions relating to the Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement, which was agreed by the UK and Switzerland in 2018.

The new rules will apply from 11pm GMT on 31 December 2020.

The BSB has been in frequent direct communication with those affected by these changes including RELs and those barristers with an EU address as their primary practising address. Any barristers who are habitually resident in an EU member state may find that their insurance arrangements are affected by the end of the transition period and should contact the BSB or Bar Mutual urgently to discuss their situation.

You can read more about the BSB’s regulation and the UK’s exit from the EU on our website.



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