22 September 2019

High-impact supervision returns report

Last month we published our high impact supervision returns report. In 2014, we assessed all chambers for "impact" (that is, how serious the consequences would be if something were to go wrong within the chambers) and rated them as either "high", "medium" or "low".

Most of the 170 barristers' chambers which we rated as "high impact" embraced the opportunity to tell us how they operate. Thanks to their help and engagement, we were able to examine what they do in more detail. It is worth noting that the vast majority of barristers are operating out of, for the most part, effective and well-run chambers.

Where there is room for improvement, our Supervision Team is working constructively with the chambers to make changes. We now have the information needed to help manage risks to chambers' clients appropriately.

Of the 170 chambers we assessed as being a "high impact", we only assessed 16 as having a "high risk" of somethingactuallygoing wrong. We have visited those chambers.

Overall, chambers felt that engaging in the supervision returns was worthwhile because it gave them the opportunity to review and improve their internal processes. Importantly, it provided an opportunity for them to get to know us and to understand better our approach to regulation.

Our supervision process is about facilitating a constructive relationship with chambers. We hope to maintain a healthy dialogue.