21 August 2019

Blog: Monthly message from our Chair Sir Andrew Burns KCMG

Having recently published our Annual Report 2014/15, you will notice that we have remained firmly on track with our focus on risk-based regulation.  We've been doing a lot of work on what we think the risks are in relation to barristers - risks that impact the public and the interests of justice.

We began 2014/15 having just launched the new BSB Handbook and with a fledgling Supervision team raring to become the embodiment of our new risk-based approach to regulating barristers; providing support and advice to members of the self-employed Bar in their chambers. This has meant encouraging chambers to have open and honest discussion with us during Supervisory visits, so that we can be better placed to help the profession to comply with our rules and expectations. A profession used to a regulator with a very prescriptive rule book and a reputation for strong enforcement action if things did go wrong, was unsure what to expect. However, we have found that chambers have embraced the opportunity to work with us to provide the best service possible in the public interest.

I look forward to meeting key members of the Bar at the BSB's Let's Consider Risk function in early October where I will start a dialogue between the profession and the regulator about the risks to barristers, the regulatory objectives and the public and how best to manage them. I'm keen to hear your thoughts.