24 August 2019

Reminder about the need to complete Authorisation to Practise (ATP)

If you have not yet renewed your practising certificate then you must do so by 30 April or cease practising. Barristers who fail to complete the renewal process by this date will no longer appear on our Barristers' Register and will not be authorised to practise.

In addition, applications received after 31 March have a 20 per cent surcharge added to the total fee.

From 1 May, we will take such action as is considered appropriate against any barrister believed to be practising without a certificate.

Visit MyBar to renew your Practising Certificate online.

We would also like to remind second six pupils that your provisional Practising Certificate will expire 30 days after you complete your second six. To practise as a barrister, you must then obtain a full Practising Certificate by completing the ATP process.