22 September 2019

CPD 2017: The Final Countdown

There are 82 days until the new CPD regime for established practitioners comes into force on 1 January 2017.

To help barristers on the Established Practitioners Programme prepare for the new CPD arrangements, we have been holding a series of workshops around the country. The workshops take place this month and in November. Feedback from the first couple of events has been generally positive and we have learnt a lot from attendees to help us refine our draft guidance and support materials. Most of the workshops are fully booked. Full details of the events - including an online webinar on 10 November - were published in last month's Regulatory Update. Places are still available on the webinar so register your interest.

The new arrangements for CPD are the result of an extensive consultation exercise which started back in 2014. A pilot group of 76 barristers undertook CPD in the new way during 2015.

The reason for changing the CPD scheme is to shift the focus to quality and to give you more control over what type of CPD you undertake. The emphasis will be on the relevance of CPD activities rather than on "box- ticking" in the outgoing scheme. We are relaxing the rules on what constitutes CPD activity and widening the scope of acceptable learning and development activities. This will reflect better the high standards of practice in relation to broader professional development that are already prevalent at the Bar.

In addition, we are removing the accreditation requirement for CPD and our interim accreditation scheme for CPD providers ends on 31 December 2016.

The combined effect of all of the changes will be to give you much more flexibility concerning CPD. You can find out more details about the CPD on our website