23 September 2019

Website Update - Complaints and Professional Conduct

For some time now, we have been undertaking a comprehensive rewrite of the Complaints and Professional Conduct area of our website. These pages contain full details of the processes and procedures related to the operation of the complaints and enforcement system, including the avenues for complainants and/or barristers seeking to challenge enforcement decisions.

We consulted a legal education charity, Law For Life, with whom we have been working to simplify the structure of the information and to reword the content. Following testing, two of the main webpages within the Complaints and Professional Conduct section have now 'gone live': Making a Complaint and Facing a Complaint. The remaining pages will be updated in the coming months.

We have structured the information in these two pages to mirror the process that a complainant or a barrister facing a complaint will experience, in order to make it easier to navigate the site and locate the relevant information.

In addition, we have streamlined the information and rewritten it in plain English to make it easier for all users to understand, while still being comprehensive. While these pages contain the same information as before, it is now presented in a much clearer and more accessible manner.

The website redesign project is aimed at making information about complaints accessible to all audiences, following feedback from complainants, barristers and the Independent Observer. This also supports our broader aims of promoting greater public and professional understanding of our role and mission, and understanding of our risk-based and outcome-focused approach to regulation. Please look at the new webpages and contact us if you have any feedback.