19 April 2014

Pupillage Training Organisations

Since 1 November 2006, a set of chambers or any other organisation may only take pupils if it is authorised by the Bar Standards Board as a Pupillage Training Organisation.

Chambers and Pupillage Training Organisations (PTOs) may be contacted by the Bar Standards Board in relation to any issues that come to light, and are of importance. Information regarding any changes in pupillage regulations that chambers and PTOs must be made aware of will also be published on our website.


Becoming a Pupillage Training Organisation


Applications must be made in writing on the appropriate and current application form, and must be accompanied by any supporting documentation and payment of the requisite fee. Please note that applications will only be processed if made using the version of the appropriate application form current at the time the application is made.

All applications contain a declaration that the applicant has read, understood and complied with the relevant criteria and guidelines.

Applications are considered and determined by the Pupillage Training Organisations Panel of the Qualifications Committee, which is one of the regulatory committees whose work is overseen by the Bar Standards Board. 

The application form and guidelines may be downloaded from the Forms and Guidelines section of our website here