23 April 2014

Continuing Professional Development

Barristers' CPD obligations have changed

  • Barristers no longer have to return their CPD cards to the BSB; 
  • All barristers must still undertake their CPD hours and keep their record cards;
  • The BSB will conduct random spot-checks of barristers' CPD record cards.

Barristers no longer have to return CPD record cards to the BSB, but must still undertake their set number of hours and keep their record cards up-to-date.

The BSB will conduct random spot-checks of CPD cards and those barristers selected must produce their record card for assessment. Barristers may also be selected for spot-checking if they have a history of non-compliance with CPD obligations or other regulatory requirements.

Any barrister who has failed to undertake their required hours will need to complete their outstanding hours. If they still fail to do so they may be referred to the BSB's Professional Conduct Department for enforcement action.

This affects all practising barristers: whether undertaking CPD through the Established Practitioner Programme (i.e., those with more than three years' practising experience) or the New Practitioners Programme (i.e., those with fewer than three years' practising experience).

The BSB will no longer be processing CPD record cards - including those that have already been submitted. Please note that even if barristers have submitted their 2013 record card and received an email confirmation from the BSB, they may still be selected for spot-checking

For more information, please email cpdrecords@barstandardsboard.org.uk