17 July 2018

Continuing Professional Development - until 31 December 2016

The BSB has conducted a thorough review of the CPD regime for established barristers over the last two years. During this time, barristers have been required to:

  • undertake 12 hours of CPD per year;
  • no longer return their CPD cards to the BSB;
  • still undertake their CPD hours and keep their record cards;
  • prepare to be ready for a spot-check conducted by the BSB.

This has been a move towards smarter regulation, saving time and money. It has also protected the public more effectively by focussing on the minority of barristers not keeping their training up to date. We have been encouraged by the significant number of responses we have received and the engagement from the Bar since we changed to the spot-check process. Prior to this change, we required all practising members of the Bar to submit their record cards annually to the BSB for monitoring checks.

For more information, please email cpdrecords@barstandardsboard.org.uk