19 August 2018

Future requirements

We are working to change the training and qualification process to become a barrister. The earliest that some of the changes might start is January 2019, but you should keep an eye on this section of our website for up-to-date information about the changes and their precise timing. We will also update the Current Requirements section of our website if and when new qualification routes become available.

Future Bar Training (FBT) is our programme of regulatory change, focussing on
education and training for the Bar. The aims of the FBT programme are to make the qualification process for becoming a barrister more flexible, accessible and affordable whilst at the same time maintaining standards of entry.

Transitional arrangements

If you have already started the vocational stage (BPTC) or work-based learning stage (pupillage) - you do not need to be concerned about any changes to the process that may start in the future as a result of the FBT programme. Transitional arrangements will be made to enable those currently in training or about to start in 2018-19 to complete their training under the existing arrangements.