25 February 2018

Work-based learning (pupillage)

The current pupillage arrangements would not require substantive change. We are currently looking at ways to improve oversight of pupillage training organisations and strengthening linkages between training and the Professional Statement.

Further work may need to consider how work based learning fits into new training pathways such as those which combine vocational and professional training. This will help us to   improve our oversight of pupillage as a regulator and take steps to ensure consistency of student outcomes at the end of pupillage.

We will also be looking to encourage a wider range of pupillages, and other final-stage training opportunities, and we shall aim to expand the range of work-based learning that we recognise as valid in meeting the requirements of the Professional Statement.

For more information about how the Pupillage stage is changing, please see our FBT Policy Statement.

Unsure of the current professional requirements? See our ' Professional requirements' page.