25 February 2018

Academic Learning

The Bar will remain a graduate profession. Just as they do now, students in the future will normally need to have a degree classified as 2:2 or above. If that is not a qualifying law degree, they must do a postgraduate qualification that will provide them with requisite legal knowledge (currently usually known as the Graduate Diploma in Law - GDL).

The law degree and GDL will continue to cover the seven "Foundations of Legal Knowledge" as they currently stand, and the skills associated with graduate legal work such as legal research. We will, however, be encouraging innovation by academic institutions in the ways that these subjects are taught: through their provision, for example, of opportunities for students to gain work based experience or undertake clinical legal education.

We will also be improving the way we provide information to students so that they are better able to assess their prospects of professional success as barristers, on the basis of their academic experience. For example, students who have only attained the minimum 2.2 degree classification are significantly less likely to obtain a pupillage than those with higher classifications of degree.

Unsure of our current academic requirements? See our ' Academic requirements' page.

For more information about how the Legal Academic Learning stage is changing, please see our FBT Policy Statement.