30 March 2017

Pupillage forms




Pupillage registration form 2015-16  - for pupillages commencing from 1 September 2015

Pupillage registration notes for prospective pupils and external trainees

Notification of a material change in pupillage or external training arrangements




Non-practising period (first six) completion form

Practising period (second six) completion form

Pupillage Checklist


If you are commencing practice after pupillage, you will need to complete either a Self-Employed Authorisation to Practise Form or a Employed Authorisation to Practise Form (previously known as Notification of Status form). These can be found on the practising certificate webpages for the self-employed Bar and the employed Bar.

Please refer to the appropriate guidance on the following webpages if you are commencing self-employed or employed practice:

Authorisation to practise guidance - Self-employed

Authorisation to practise guidance - Employed

If you are not commencing practice following pupillage, please complete a Notification Form for Unregistered Barristers. These can be found on the practising certificate webpages for the  self-employed Bar and the  employed Bar.



Specialist checklists 




Commercial admiralty


Criminal law

Employment law

Family law

General commercial

General common law

Immigration law

Intellectual Property´╗┐

Local government and planning

Personal Injury


Technology and Construction