19 August 2018

Bar Professional Training Course

Vocational requirements are currently fulfilled by completion of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

The BPTC may be taken once the academic requirements have been successfully completed. Following successful completion of the BPTC, students may apply for pupillage.  

The BPTC is designed to ensure that students acquire the skills, knowledge of procedure and evidence, attitudes and competence to prepare them for the more specialised training of pupillage.

The full-time BPTC runs for one academic year; the part-time course for two years. All students are required to be admitted to an Inn of Court before registration on the BPTC.

We have produced a " Health Warning about the things that need to be taken into account by those who wish to pursue a career at the Bar. We advise all prospective BPTC students to read it before applying for a course. Prospective students may also find it helpful to look at the BPTC Key Statistics document, which contains data on the make-up and performance of BPTC students.

An updated edition of statistical information on student performance on the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) was published in May 2018. 

The complete BPTC statistics can be viewed on our website.

BPTC key statistics 2018 appendices.

BPTC key statistics 2018 Part 1: Overall trends.

BPTC key statistics 2018 Part 2: Full-time students by BPTC provider.

BPTC key statistics 2018 Part 3: Part-time students by BPTC provider.

BPTC key statistics 2018 Part 4: Graduate progression statistics.


Prior to the launch of the BPTC in September 2010, vocational requirements were fulfilled by the Bar Vocational Course (BVC).