21 August 2019

On the exam day

Fit to sit


Every provider operates a different "fit to sit" policy.  Some providers require candidates to complete a "fit to sit" form at the time of an exam.  Other providers will complete this process at time of enrolment where candidates will declare that if they are present at the time of the exam, they are fit to sit the exam.  


On the day


At the Ethics examination, candidates will be given:

  • an exam paper
  • an SAQ answer booklet in which to record answers


At the Civil / Criminal examination, candidates  will be given:

  • an exam paper
  • an optically mark read (OMR) sheet on which to record answers


All documents must be returned to the invigilator at the end of the exam.

Only writing materials and an eraser are allowed in the exam room.

Candidates are responsible for managing their time to complete the exam within the time allowed.  Only answers given in the MCQ (OMR) sheet or SAQ answer book will be accepted. It is essential that the instructions on completing the SAQ answer booklet are followed correctly.  It is each candidate's responsibility to ensure answers are legible and answer booklet/sheets are correctly identified with their candidate number.


Extenuating circumstances


Extenuating circumstances may prevent a candidate from sitting an exam. Candidates should contact their provider for further information.