19 September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam paper questions

I have a query about the syllabus, who shall I contact?

Your provider will answer any queries you have regarding the syllabus or syllabus coverage. Where the provider is not able to do so, they will contact the BSB who will advise them directly.

Can I have a copy of a past paper for revision?

Past centralised examinations are not available to students as they contain material that the BSB might consider reusing in future exams.  However, there is a mock exam available for revision purposes.  Your provider will advise you of when the mock paper will be made available. 

I will not be able to attempt an upcoming exam.  What do I need to do?

You should contact your provider who might be able to offer you an exam deferral. You should bear in mind that deferring an exam will impact on your BPTC completion and subsequent call to the Bar.  

I want my marks to be checked, what do I need to do?

Information relating to the the student review process is available from the After the exam page of this website.  Your provider will be able to offer you further guidance.    

I failed a module by one mark. Can I attempt the exam again?

From the 2016/17 academic year, if an examination is failed at the first attempt it may be taken again on two further occasions. A maximum of a total of three attempts is permitted for any single examination, excepting where documented and accepted extenuating circumstances have caused an attempt to be disregarded (ie not counted towards the maximum number of attempts). Where extenuating circumstances have been allowed then the number of attempts will be calculated accordingly. No more than three attempts (not counting those affected by extenuating circumstances) will be allowed.

Opportunities for re-sits should be provided during the summer following the spring examinations. Re-sit dates for centrally set subjects are in August and are specified at the start of each academic year.

Marks for re-sits not affected by extenuating circumstances must be capped at the minimum pass mark.

 Once both attempts are taken, you are considered to have failed the module unless there are extenuating circumstances. Your provider will be able to assist you further in considering what options you have available. 



Overseas examinations

Can I sit the centralised examinations in my home country (outside of the UK)?

Yes, as long as sitting the examination overseas is permitted by your provider. All necessary arrangements must be made by the student and provider. The suggested exam time and venue will need to be approved by the BSB.    

I need to sit my exam overseas, but my provider does not offer this option.  What can I do?

As your contract is with the provider, you are regulated by the policies and procedures they have in place.  The BSB cannot intervene where the provider's policies and procedures are concerned.  Any issues relating to overseas examinations should be taken up with the provider.


Extenuating circumstances

I was ill on the day of the exam.  What can I do now?

You should contact your provider, who will advise you of their internal procedures and course regulations for exam absence.  They will offer you a resit under extenuating circumstances should it be relevant to your case.  Please note that your provider will request evidence of your reason for claiming extenuating circumstances.


Provider issues


I want to complain about my provider.  What is the procedure I must follow?

Any complaints regarding your provider should be made by following the providers' internal complaints procedures.  Where the outcome of the complaint does not meet your expectations, or you wish to escalate the matter, you should direct your complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator.