19 September 2019


Although the BSB regulates the content and delivery of the BPTC, there are a wide range of issues that are addressed by the course Providers.   The majority of queries relating to Centralised Examinations are answered in the BPTC Handbook or on this website, however there are times when you might need to contact someone should you not find the answer you need or if you require further advice.

  • Your course Provider should be contacted about any queries relating to the following examination queries:

-          Mitigating circumstances

-          Overseas examinations

-          Fit to sit queries

-          Exam deferrals

-          Where the Provider has failed to address an examination query

-          Mock examinations and revision materials

-          Results release dates

-          Clerical error checks

-          Institution's policies and procedures relating to examinations

Please consult your course Provider's website or your student advice centre for the relevant contacts at your Provider


  •  The Bar Standards Board is responsible for, and should be contacted about, the following examination queries:

-          Enhanced clerical error checks

-          Requests for review

Please email your examination queries to Exams@BarStandardsBoard.org.uk


For any non-centralised examination queries about the BPTC that your course Provider cannot answer, please contact BPTC@BarStandardsBoard.org.uk

For any queries relating to the BCAT, please contact BCAT@BarStandardsBoard.org.uk