23 September 2019

Before the exam

Quality assurance of exam papers


Centralised examination questions are written by experienced legal practitioners and academics contracted by the BSB. The examining team meets to scrutinise and approve each question.  These comprise an agreed exam paper, which is then tested under exam conditions and is further reviewed to assess the validity and currency of any referenced law.  Exam papers also undergo scrutiny by the BSB's syllabus team to ensure all questions comply with the current curriculum. Any recommendations made during these processes are then passed on to the Chief Examiner responsible for the relevant subject who will advise of the changes to be implemented in the paper.  BSB staff implement any required changes before the paper is proof read by a professional proof reader.


To determine the pass mark of the centralised examination papers, the BSB conducts standard setting.  All pass marks are reported as 60% to providers. 


After completion of the quality assurance processes, the paper is ready to be printed and delivered to the providers.


Sitting exams overseas


Some, but not all, providers allow candidates to sit exams overseas at their discretion. It is the responsibility of the provider to arrange overseas exams. Candidates should contact their provider for further information.


Reasonable adjustments


Candidates with disabilities who require additional arrangements to sit centralised examinations must contact their provider. The provider will liaise with the BSB on their behalf.


Mock examination paper


The BSB provides a centrally set mock exam paper for each of the centralised examinations.  Mock exams are administered by providers and they will advise when the mock exam paper will be available.