The 2019-20 Annual Report is where we record both the policy developments we made during 2019-20 and our day-to-day work regulating barristers and specialised legal services businesses in England and Wales in the public interest. This year’s report covers the first year of the Strategic Plan for 2019-22.

2019-20 was the year in which several of the BSB’s long-term policy development projects were realised. These included introducing:

  • more accessible, affordable and flexible routes to qualify as a barrister with the new Bar Qualification Rules which came into force in April 2019;
  • more transparency about the services provided by barristers with the new Bar Transparency Rules which came into force in July 2019 and which are designed to improve the information available to the public before they engage the services of a barrister; and
  • more efficient regulatory decision-making with the new Enforcement Decision Regulations which came into force in October 2019 designed to modernise our regulatory operations by streamlining and improving the way that we assess and handle reports about those whom we regulate.

You can also download a copy of our Cost Transparency Metrics report for 2019-20.