01 December 2015

Queen's Counsel statistics

Barristers at the self-employed and employed Bar can apply to be appointed as Queen's Counsel (QC). They are considered as experts in their field, generally with a minimum of 15 years' practice. When a barrister is appointed as a QC this is known informally as "taking silk" because of their entitlement to wear black silk gowns in court instead of standard court dress.


Self -employed Queen 's Counsel




Self -employed Queen 's Counsel - Gender




Self -employed Queen 's Counsel - Ethnicity




Self -employed Queen 's Counsel - Age




Employed Queen 's Counsel - Age




Employed Queen 's Counsel - Gender



Employed Queen 's Counsel - Ethnicity




Employed Queen 's Counsel - Age




*Please note that reporting mechanisms have changed over the past years. As a result of sourcing from various data streams and the implementation of more robust quality assurance structures some numbers may vary from previous publications.