Mr Ibrahim Bin Kunju Moideen

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Barrister Status:
Nov 1979
Lincoln's Inn
Hearing type:
Disciplinary Tribunal (5 Person)
Decision date
Breach details:
Paragraph 201 (a) and 802.1 of the Code of Conduct
Offence details:

Ibrahim Bin Kunju Moidenn dishonestly misappropriated funds belonging to a client, in that: i. Ibrahim Moidenn Rama and Partners (?IMRP? hereafter), a firm of which Ibrahim Bin Kunju Moideen was the sole proprietor, acted on behalf of Maybank in relation to a property auctioned at the Serembam High Court (?SHC?); ii. The monies due to Maybank (RM 89,393.50) were paid to IMRP on the 23 September 1998; iii. Despite having written to Maybank on the 8 September 1998 indicating that payment to IMRP from the SHC was expected in the third week of September, no payment to Maybank was made; iv. By letter of the 19 March 1999, IMRP implied that no payment to IMRP from the SHC had been made; v. Payment to Maybank of its money has never been made.

Disbarred and to pay costs of £357.50