Mr Richard Iain Miles

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Barrister Status:
Self Employed
Nov 1997
Gray's Inn
Hearing type:
Disciplinary Tribunal (5 Person)
Tribunal panel members:
Mrs Deborah Spring ,  Mr Lee Andrew Gledhill ,  His Honour Judge Michael Jonathan Topolski KC ,  Mrs Naomi Clare Davey ,  Mr Paul Robb
Decision date
Breach details:
Professional misconduct contrary to Core Duty CD 5 of the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales.
Offence details:

Richard Miles, a barrister, acted in a way which was offensive and likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in him or in the profession in that on or before 7th March 2018 he posted on a Facebook chat forum, ‘London floaters do as you likey’ those comments particularised in Schedule A, one or more or a combination of which are offensive and disparaging, including matters of a sexual and/or violent nature, about Person A, a member of the public.

Schedule A

Facebook Post

Richard Miles posted:

“I love [Person A] Bleurgth!

I adore her coquettish smile and obviously fake boobs.

As an 18 year old I loved to stick my head between a girl’s boobs, shake it about, and go “blblblbrbrblblbr”. They were always impressed.

As an adult, I’d now go the whole way and fully chunder down her cleavage if I got the opportunity…

As much as I’d like to puek on her or sell her tits to a medical scrap yard, isn’t this forum in danger of becoming mono despising?

If we can’t at least find some other saggy front bottom to abuse can we at least speculate what the evil prolapsed whore might charge for “extras”? She’s clearly got A-Levels (maybe not recognised by any exam board) and she’d only charge an extra 54p for that…but spit roasted three ways by some 1920’s bolsheviks? I reckon she’d pay. Anyone feeling a bit Trotsky? We’d have her crying out in origami….oh, doesn’t really matter so long as she’s crying….”

Richard Miles posted:

“I was probably pissed when I wrote it and got it the wrong way around: her slathering lustfully over a mountain of dwarves as opposed to them abseiling down her silicone sacks

You aren’t allowed to objectify dwarves as sexual objects nowadays. Dwarf throwing is hilarious however, but they are fully consenting stunt dwarves….”

Richard Miles posted:

“A couple of thoughts for the next Feildes Weir bash:

1) could we rent a stunt dwarf and have a competition for the most imaginative catapult?

2) a wicker-man competition for 9-fingered witch burning? Obviously we only get to do that once, so it would be mainly based on stylistic merit. Winner gets to incinerate her in at at the end of the evening. We could all wear Maggie Thatcher Spitting Image style masks and sing “The Landlords Daughter” as she goes up. Lana Perry gets the Brit Ekland role….”

Richard Miles posted:

“We’re being watched!

I got a message this morning (the first I’ve ever had) from Facebook telling me that they’d removed my post!

I don’t think it was grossly offensive. I was just pointing out that a gang of penniless dwarves might go hill walking on the trollop’s fake boobs but they wouldn’t shag her for love, money or even a brand new pointy hat….”

I may have been a touch more graphic!

Anyway, keep it completely uncivilised. Big Sister has her eye on us!

Richard Miles posted:

‘Silly cow decided to try and tighten her alienator belt whilst the engine was running….

She’s only used to pulling the elastic on her knickers down…’

Suspended for 10 months - Effective from 14 November 2019.