23 September 2019

April 2018 - Vulnerability Good Practice Guide (Immigration clients)

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A user guide for barristers working with vulnerable adult immigration clients to help them identify, assess and manage client vulnerabilities in line with good practice.

The guidance and associated factsheets are available to download in the right-hand column of this page and in the guide structure section below.

Who should use the guide?

This guide has been designed for all barristers working in immigration, whether acting on a referral or public access basis. However, it can be applied more generally if you are working with vulnerable clients. 

Parts of this guide will also be useful for clerks, practice managers and others who have contact with vulnerable clients and responsibility for service delivery. Factsheet 7 of the guide is aimed specifically at clerks and practice managers.

Guide Structure

This guide has been developed with an immigration focus and comprises:

  • A longer guidance document, following each stage of the immigration consumer journey;
  • Seven factsheets covering discreet topics; 
    • Factsheet 1   - Enabling access to your service
    • Factsheet 2   - Identifying and assessing vulnerable clients and their needs
    • Factsheet 3   - Identifying victims of trafficking
    • Factsheet 4   - Issues to consider in relation to court proceedings
    • Factsheet 5   - Client care and communication
    • Factsheet 6   - Issues with mental capacity
    • Factsheet 7   - Dealing with vulnerable immigration clients (For clerks and practice managers)
  • Two annexes:
    • Annex 1 - Useful Contacts (to which you can direct your client towards additional support)
    • Annex 2 - Further Resources