23 March 2019

Resources Group

Human Resources

HR Director
Catherine Shaw 

HR Manager
Sam Gyamfi

DDI: 020 7611 1494

HR Payroll Co-ordinator
Michela Scarpa
DDI: 020 7611 4695

HR Payroll Co-ordinator
Josephine Vincent
DDI: 020 7611 1371


Director of Finance 
Richard Cullen
DDI: 020 7611 1358

Financial Controller  
Mark Ennals

Management Accountant
Peter Noel

Interim Mangement Accountant
Julie Collins

Accounts Assistant
Matthew Kennewell

Information Services

Chief Information Officer 
Poli Avramidis
DDI: 020 3657 4013

Head of Information Services
Robert McCracken
DDI: 020 7611 1359

Senior Business Analyst
Edgar Wodu
DDI: 020 3657 4017

Data Protection Officer
Hilary Pook
DDI:020 7611 1398

IS Business Intelligence Specialist
Paul Martyn
DDI: 0207 611 1407

IS Solution Developer
Catherine Phillips
DDI: 020 7611 1413

IS Solutions Developer (MS Dynamics)
Marina Ferrol
DDI: 020 761 11479

IS Systems Administrator
Junior Robbani
DDI: 020 7611 1395

IS Technology Support
Nick Videlingum
DDI:020 7611 1402

Office Management

Head of Facilities and Property  
Andrew Curtis
DDI: 020 7611 1300

Office Services Manager 
Jack Cottrell
DDI: 0207 611 1327

Facilities Helpdesk Assistant
Chiara Mancini


Records Manager
John Mathias

Assistant Records Officer
John Shinn

Assistant Records Officer
Tahnee Reynolds

Records Assistant
Alexandra Paynter

Records Assistant
Stephanie Bute-Fleming

Records Assistant
Bethan Keel

Records Assistant
Okorite Amachree

Records Assistant
Tazkia Rahman

Project Management Office

Head of Project Management Office
Andrew Wylie

Project Manager
Jennifer Jones

Project Manager
Andrew Cohen