23 May 2019

Monitoring Implementation of the Equality Rules

Misconduct - gold starOur equality team, in partnership with the BSB Supervision Team, regularly conducts monitoring exercises aimed at understanding levels of compliance and how well chambers are implementing the equality rules of the Handbook. 

These exercises also help us to understand the impact of BSB initiatives designed to support chambers in meeting the requirements of the rules and to maintain compliance with them.

In 2013 our equality team undertook a "progess check" exercise with a representative sample of 40 chambers, looking at levels of awareness of the rules, compliance rates and use of BSB equality support products. Click on the link on the right to read the report in full.

In 2014 our equality team undertook a full supervision exercise with a different representative sample of chambers. This exercise solely focused on compliance rates in relation to the rules. Click on the link on the right to read the full report.