25 April 2014

Equality and diversity training

We are committed to promoting equality and diversity both throughout the Bar and within the Bar Standards Board itself.

One of our primary aims is to ensure that we conduct our regulatory activities fairly and in accordance with our duty to promote equality and eliminate discrimination. In order to help meet this aim we provide equality training for all our committee members, disciplinary panel members and staff in order to ensure that equality is embedded into the day to day work of all those that work for and with us.

Training for our committee members is delivered by Richard Kenyon (Field Fisher Waterhouse) and Henrietta Hill (Doughty Street Chambers) who, in partnership with the BSB equality team, have developed a bespoke equality training package. Sessions are three hours in length and include case study material of direct relevance to the work of the BSB. The training is mandatory for all committee members.

Training for our disciplinary panel members is delivered by Peter Edwards (Devereux Chambers) and focuses on equality issues arising in a tribunal setting. The training is mandatory and includes case study materials covering all the protected characteristics.

Staff training is delivered in house by the equality team and covers both a basic introduction to the law and duties as well as more in depth courses on equality impact analyses and embedding equality into policy development. The training is mandatory for all staff.