24 April 2014

Equality Act 2010 - Publication of information

The Equality Act 2010 Specific Duties Regulations require the BSB to publish information on a yearly basis to demonstrate its compliance with the general equality duty. This information should include information relating to those who are affected by our policies and practices e.g. our stakeholders.

In compliance with this aspect of the equality duty we published the following in January 2014:

The following list contains detail about the information we have published over the past two years:

  • Bar Barometer - Trends in the profile of the bar, pilot statistical report November 2012
  • Comparison between the backgrounds of Pupillage Portal applicants in 2009 and registered pupils in 2011 - This paper compares the demographic, socio-economic and educational profiles of pupillage applicants from 2009 with registered pupils in 2011.
  • Bar Barometer - Trends in the profile of the bar, pilot statistical report March 2011
  • Biennial Survey of the Bar - The 2011 survey of the Bar gave practising barristers the opportunity to describe their current work situation and future career plans, and give their views about their life at work and their profession. This is the first in a planned series of biennial surveys.
  • Exit Survey 2011 - The General Council of the Bar has been concerned for some time about the disproportionately high number of female practitioners who leave practice relative to the number of male practitioners. With a view to gaining some understanding of the reasons for this, the General Council of the Bar in 2005 commissioned a survey of individuals who had ceased subscribing or changed their practice status between 2001 and 2005. The survey was repeated in 2007 and annually in subsequent years. 
  • BPTC Applicant and Course Outcome data  - This paper presents the profile of applicants to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) who applied in October 2009 to January 2010. This includes the equality and diversity strands monitored and socio-economic background of applicants.
  • Pupillage Supplementary Survey - The Pupillage Supplementary Survey is administered on an annual basis in order to enable monitoring of the various equality, diversity and fair access objectives of the Bar Council and Bar Standards Board. This report presents an analysis of the backgrounds of those registered by the Bar Standards Board to undertake pupillage during the period 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010.
  • Pupillage Applicant Data (Pupillage Portal survey 2010) - This paper presents the profile of pupillage applicants who have applied through the 'Pupillage Portal' (OLPAS) online system in 2010. This will include the profile of applicants' equality and diversity strands, including information on their socio-economic and educational backgrounds.

All the above reports can be found in our Research publications section. Other publications include:

  • User Satisfaction Survey reports - We conduct an ongoing User Satisfaction Survey of all complainants and barristers involved in the complaints system.  The Satisfaction Survey was introduced as an integral part of the complaints process in April 2009 and the results are reported on an annual basis.
  • Complaints Diversity Report - We monitor diversity in our complaints handling and disciplinary system to ensure that we conduct our regulatory activities fairly and in accordance with our duty to promote equality and eliminate discrimination. We produce bi-yearly Diversity Reports.
  • Aggregated Diversity Data 2012 - This paper outlines all the data that is currently available from the Bar Standards Board on the diversity of the barrister profession. The research department has prepared this. The data sources are from surveys and the membership records of the Bar

If you have any questions about the equality information gathered by the BSB please contact Jessica Bradford, Senior Equality Policy Officer, on 0207 611 1426 or you can email the Equality and Diversity Team