21 January 2018

Pupillage statistics

Pupillage is a compulsory one-year training period spent in an authorised training organisation: either barristers' chambers or another approved legal environment.


*The 2012/2013 rise and subsequent fall in First Six pupillage registrations is easily explained. Previously, organisations offering pupillages (PTOs) would recruit according to a shared timetable, set out by the Bar Council, and pupillages were registered at the start of the new legal year, beginning in October. More recently, PTOs have recruited according to their own timetables, and many now do so earlier than previously specified. As some registrations are made in September, before the end of the legal year, this means some pupillages appear to be registered in the same year as they are recruited.


Pupillage - Gender


Pupillage - Ethnicity 

Pupillage - Age

 ** Please note that our statistics on the age of barristers practising at the Bar are not directly comparable between 2015 and earlier years. This is due to us improving the way in which we obtained this information from barristers from 2015.

***Please note that reporting mechanisms have changed over the past years. As a result of sourcing from various data streams and the implementation of more robust quality assurance structures some numbers may vary from previous publications.