21 January 2018

Called to the Bar and tenancy statistics

Those called to the Bar by legal year

"Call" is the date at which barristers are formally recognised to have passed the vocational stage of training and have been called to the Bar by their Inn of Court. Barristers are often referred to by the year of their "year of Call" which is calculated on the same date.

All called to the bar  

Called to the Bar - Gender   Called to the Bar - Ethnicity

   Called to the bar - Age

 * Please note that our statistics on the age of barristers practising at the Bar are not directly comparable between 2015 and earlier years. This is due to us improving the way in which we obtained this information from barristers from 2015.


Securing "tenancy" means being accepted as a permanent member of chambers, traditionally upon completion of pupillage. Barristers normally secure tenancy in the set where they completed their pupillage, although it is also possible to apply elsewhere. 

The following charts contain data on those that have completed pupillage and gone on to gain tenancy less than six months after the end of the legal year in which they completed pupillage.

Tenancy - Overall 

 Tenancy - Gender

 Tenancy - Ethnicity

 Tenancy - Age


**Please note that reporting mechanisms have changed over the past years. As a result of sourcing from various data streams and the implementation of more robust quality assurance structures some numbers may vary from previous publications.