Mr Anthony Daniel Bennett

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Barrister Status:
Self Employed
Nov 2000
Gray's Inn
Hearing type:
Disciplinary Tribunal (5 Person)
Decision date
Breach details:
Charge 1 Professional misconduct, contrary to Core Duty 5 of the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England and Wales (9th Edition), Bar Standards Board Handbook (Version 3.3- 4.0)
Offence details:

Anthony Daniel Bennett, a barrister, behaved in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence placed in him and the profession, contrary to Core Duty 5, in that, between 27 September 2018 and 20 June 2019 (inclusive) Mr Bennett allowed to be tweeted, inappropriate and offensive tweets towards AW, another barrister, from the twitter account ‘@arrytuttle’.
The tweets include:
i. "... [AW] is a lying propagandist who brings shame on our entire community with his smears" - 27 September 2018
ii. "All [AW]’s antisemtism (sic) stories are fraudulent. And he knows it." - 27 September 2018
iii. "Yes. [AW] thinks Stephen Marks is the wrong type of Jew. Remind me, who is supposed to be the antisemite here?" - 17 October 2018
iv. “Every day platformed jews from the self-appointed ‘mainstream’ direct hatred at leftist Jews. Every day they misrepresented facts. Every day they pretend that leftist jews are antisemitic. All this for factional political gain. It's the vilest and sickest trait in modern politics" - 23 October 2018 (in response to a tweet by AW)
v. “Am guessing it's two of [a barrister], [AW] or [another barrister]. They are an awful threesome." - 24 January 2019 (in response to a tweet saying there are two barristers on twitter who are "thick as pigshit, both bigots, both amazingly credulous")
vi. "I think we can conclude from this thread that [AW] hates leftist jews, is determined to target leftist jews as "antisemites" and demands that anyone else cease associating with leftist jews, or be deemed an "antisemite" by association, Adam has gone full fash propaganda" - 11 February 2019
vii. "Also, [AW] is an absolute danger and a hater of leftist jews. Would not go near him with a barge pole." - 22 February 2019

Reprimanded and Fined in the sum of £500