19 September 2019

October 2018 - Guidance for professional clients and OISC Advisers on instructing immigration barristers

We have published guidance for professional clients of barristers and advisors regulated by OISC, to provide them with useful information when instructing immigration barristers. This was developed in collaboration with the SRA and OISC.

This guidance is the latest in a series of immigration guidance documents involving us following our  2016 Immigration Thematic Review. The review identified three key risks in the way that the market for immigration legal services operates: access to justice, poorly informed consumers, and the quality of advice and standards of service.

In June 2017, we published guidance for the public and for professionals on immigration and asylum related legal issues. In April 2018, we published an online guide for barristers working with vulnerable immigration clients

This guidance aims to ensure that professional clients, OISC advisors, solicitors and barristers understand their respective roles and that all parties work together in a way that delivers an effective service to the client. The guidance has been produced following input from practising immigration barristers and OISC advisors.