How long can I extend the deadline to sit the BTT? 

If you were due to sit the Bar Transfer Test (in whole or part) at the Spring 2020 sitting, you will be unable to do so as assessments have been postponed.  Please see our FAQs on our website. We will in certain instances waive the usual application fee for a BTT Extension, which will be granted for a maximum of a further 18 months dependant on your circumstances.

We will not require a formal application where your request is a direct result of Covid-19.  You may request an extension of time in writing via email to

I was recently granted admission to the Bar as a Foreign Qualified Lawyer conditional on passing the Bar Transfer test.  I was due to sit in Spring 2020 and this should have been my first attempt. Can I be granted an extension?

If you have not yet attempted the Test you still have all attempts remaining within the remainder of the two year period within which you were authorised to take the Test. If you have still not completed it at the end of that time, you may be able to request an extension.

I was granted admission to the Bar of England and Wales conditional on passing the Bar Transfer test two years ago. I was due to have a second attempt at the BTT this spring. What happens now?

As you are unable to sit because of the postponement of the assessments, , you have not yet made your second attempt and we will grant an extension of time to you.  You will need to submit a request in writing via email to

I was granted admission to the Bar as a transferring lawyer from abroad nearly two years ago, however I have not made any attempts at the BTT before.  I was going to sit in the spring this year but now I am unable to.  Can I have an extension of time?

As this was your last chance to sit the exam and you were unable to do so because of the postponement of the assessments, we will give you an extension of time.You will need to submit your request in writing via email to

When can I next take the BTT?

If you were registered to sit in April 2020, you will be able to take your exams in August 2020.

Further information will be given to you by BPP.

The centralised exams (Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation and Professional Ethics) will be available as remote proctored exams in line with the information provided to BPTC students above and within our FAQs for them. If you have a pupillage in England and Wales due to commence in autumn 2020, you will be permitted to commence that pupillage whilst waiting for your BTT results, subject to the agreement of your AETO. Read more in our FAQs about pupillage and COVID-19.

Under the current circumstances there will be no new BTT registrations permitted in August 2020. There will, however, be an additional sit arranged in December 2020.

Any BTT candidates who have reached the two-year limit within which they are authorised to take the Test can apply to the Authorisations team for an extension of time.

Will the December 2020 sit of the BTT be a Test that can be taken remotely like the August sit?

At present we are not making any plans for the December sit to be a Test that can be taken remotely so you should not assume that this will be possible at this time.

If you have any more questions relating to authorisations matters during the Covid-19 that are not covered here, you can contact us via the email