21 February 2018

BSB Handbook Explained – Barristers who are also qualified as solicitors

Are you a barrister who is also qualified as a solicitor and wondering whether you can practise as both?

It is not currently permitted to hold a barrister's and a solicitor's practising certificate at the same time. Rule S43 of the BSB Handbook states that "If you are authorised by anotherApproved Regulatorto carry on areserved legal activityand currently permitted topractiseby thatApproved Regulator, you must notpractiseas abarristerand you are not eligible for apractising certificate." If you are qualified as both a barrister and solicitor, you must therefore make a choice about which capacity you wish to practise in.

If you are a barrister who is switching to practise in an authorised non-BSB body such as a law firm, you will need to obtain an amended practising certificate from our Records Office.