16 October 2018

Reminder: Update for the New Authorisations Framework – Are you a Pupillage Training Organisation (PTO)?

What is the Authorisation Framework?

We have been developing a new Authorisation Framework that will reflect the four principles of Future Bar Training (flexibility, accessibility, affordability and high standards). You can read more about our Future Bar Training Programme here.

 From 2019, any organisations applying for authorisation to train pupils for the first time will be applying under the new Authorisation Framework for authorisation as an Approved Education and Training Organisation (AETO). We will also be re-authorising all existing pupillage providers under the new Authorisation Framework.

What do chambers, BSB entities and other organisations that train pupils need to do to become authorised as an AETO?

In August 2018, we wrote to all chambers, BSB entities and other existing Pupillage Training Organisations to confirm if they want to / or want to continue to provide pupillage. Those who do will be required to apply for a new authorisation under the new Authorisation Framework. If your chambers or organisation has not received this email, please complete the  online survey here. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

We will be ready to commence the authorisation process in 2019. If you have responded to our survey, we will contact you again by the end of November 2018 with full details of how to apply for authorisation, and when you will need to do so.

It is important to note that, if you already provide pupillage, you can continue to do so. This will not affect current pupils, nor your ability to advertise for new pupils.

What will the application process involve?

Becoming an AETO should be a straightforward process. It will require you to submit details of your pupillage training programme, setting out how you will ensure that those whom you train satisfy the Threshold Standard and Competences of the BSB's Professional Statement, as well as details of how your training will meet the criteria of flexibility, accessibility, affordability and sustaining high standards. Guidance and support will be available to help you to provide us with the information that we will need to authorise your AETO.

We want to test the authorisation process with some willing volunteers to ensure that that is the case, so your support would be very welcome with this. Please contact us if you are interested in helping.

Will we have to renew our authorisation every year?

This will be a one-off process. AETOs will have to notify the BSB of any material change in their pupillage arrangements. The focus will then be on supervision of pupillage, which will be risk-based and targeted only where it is necessary to ensure standards are being met.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire or about becoming an AETO, please get in touch with us via authorisations@barstandardsboard.org.uk