14 October 2019

Brief report from the Legal Walk and Changing Faces’ 25th birthday

On Monday 22 May, our staff members participated in the 10km London Legal Walk to support the London Legal Trust. Together with the Bar Council, we raised £1,566.76, which will provide much needed funds for charities that provide life changing legal advice and representation to those in need. You can read more online about #whywewalk.

We also supported the #FaceEquality campaign on Friday 26 May, following Changing Faces' 25th birthday the day before. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the discrimination and hostility people with facial disfigurements, or otherwise unusual appearances, can face. It coincided with the publication of their report, which showed that people with disfigurements often do not have as high aspirations as those without them.

For more information about our work on equality and diversity, visit our website.

London Legal Walk 2017