21 August 2019

Have your say… on the future of training for the Bar

From October until December we will be hosting a series of consultation events seeking your views on proposed reforms to the Bar training market. The proposed reform will change how the education and training sector for the Bar is regulated to improve access to the profession.

The consultation, which will host events around the country, will explore what possible new routes to qualification for barristers may emerge in response to new regulation. We have already released an overview of these options and hosted a lively debate exploring each one. For further information about the options please see our press release.

The proposed changes are part of our Future Bar Training programme (FBT) which focuses on improving future education and training for the Bar. The changes are being developed to:

  • increase flexibility within the system;
  • increase accessibility;
  • reduce fees for students and education providers; and
  • retain the high level of qualification expected of the profession.

Look out for the BSB this autumn when we will be touring the country to host events to explain the proposals and seek your views.

If you would like to be sent a copy either of the consultation schedule or the formal consultation paper when it goes live please email futurebartraining@barstandardsboard.org.uk.