23 September 2019

Research and Statistics

Welcome to our Research and Statistics section where you can find our latest research publications and statistics for the Bar, from entry to Queens Counsel.

Our Research Department

Our Research Department provides support for the strategic and regulatory work of the Bar Standards Board, enabling policy development and regulatory risk management to be evidence-based. The department seeks to improve the BSB's understanding of those we regulate, the market, what legal services consumers need and how they use legal services, and the impact of our work.

The work of our Research Department includes:

  • Delivery of the 2017-2019 Research Strategy and objectives
  • Conducting and commissioning in-depth research, monitoring and analysis to build the evidence base and inform debate and policy.
  • Evaluating the impact or effectiveness of specific BSB projects, polices, programmes or regulatory actions.
  • Co-ordinating the analysis and publication of data on the life-cycle of the Bar - from entry to Queen's Counsel - and the diversity of students undertaking the vocational phase of training for the Bar (the Bar Professional Training Course) and of the wider profession.
  • Identifying and sharing evidence and information from the wider research community, to inform decision-making and practice.
  • Providing specialist research advice and guidance within the BSB; responding to queries and requests for information or data.
  • Communicating research evidence in a user-friendly way.
  • Collaborating with researchers in other legal regulators in planning and delivering research, ensuring value for money by pooling resources and sharing knowledge.

Contact the Research Team for queries about our Strategy, data or research publications.