Mr Feliks Jerzy Kwiatkowski

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Barrister Status:
Self Employed
Jul 1977
Middle Temple
Hearing type:
Disciplinary Tribunal (3 person)
Decision date
Breach details:
Professional misconduct, contrary to Core Duty 5 of the Bar Standards Board’s Handbook (9th Edition).
Offence details:

Feliks Jerzy Kwiatkowski a barrister, acted in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in him or in the profession in that on 25 November 2019 at Worthing County Court during discussions with opposing counsel, Person X, Mr. Kwiatkowski made one or more of the comments set out below, such comments, individually or cumulatively being inappropriate and/or offensive, namely: i. Described the witness statement, drafted and signed by the female Chartered Legal Executive who had instructed Person X, as that of a ‘hysterical woman’, or words to the effect; ii. Stated that his comments as set out in charge 1(i) above “was just fact”, or words to that effect; iii. Stated: “I have been practising since before this century. When more women joined the profession, the ground shifted. You do get stupid and unreasonable men in the profession, but the ground shifted – the number of incidents of overegging the pudding and just going overboard in a routine situation multiplied”, or words to that effect; iv. When Person X sought clarification from Mr Kwiatkowski whether he was referring to women as being ‘intemperate’ he said ‘yes, that was the word, intemperate’, or words to that effect.

Reprimanded and fined in the sum of £500