Mr Philip John Harmer

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Barrister Status:
Nov 2014
Middle Temple
Hearing type:
Disciplinary Tribunal (3 person)
Decision date
Breach details:
Professional misconduct contrary to rule rS6, CD5 and/or rC9.1 of the BSB Handbook (3rd Edition)
Offence details:

Philip Harmer, an unregistered barrister and BSB regulated person, carried on a
reserved legal activity, namely conducting litigation, when not entitled to do so under
the Legal Services Act 2007, in that:
i. in or around April 2018, he caused or allowed his name and address (Philip Harmer of 113 Carlton Road, RH12DE) to be provided as the address for service for the Claimant on a Claim Form dated 23rd April 2018 in Claim No E3QZ46W4 issued in the County Court Money Claims Bulk Business Centre; and/or
ii. on 3rd October 2018 he filed and served a Witness Statement and evidence with Chelmsford County Court in Claim No E3QZ46W4 on behalf of the Claimant
which amounted to conducting litigation when Philip Harmer was not authorised to do so.
Philip Harmer, an unregistered barrister and BSB regulated person, behaved in a way which was likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in him or in the profession and/or knowingly made a misleading statement, in that, he made a misleading statement to Google on a Review Deletion Request Form dated 10th September 2018, when he attempted to have a Google review about Mr Harmer made by the reviewer removed by Google, in that:
Philip Harmer stated in writing that he had had no communication with the reviewer, which statement Philip Harmer knew to be misleading, because there had previously been letters and telephone calls between Mr Harmer and the reviewer relating to the reviewer’s dispute with Mr Harmer’s client, the Claimant in which the reviewer had complained about Mr Harmer’s conduct.

Reprimanded and fined in the sum of £1000