15 December 2018

Planning, Resources & Performance Committee Terms of Reference (Jan 2017)

1. to consider, and support the Board and the executive in formulating, the overall strategy for the BSB, with particular emphasis on horizon scanning, vision, mission statement, priorities, activities and outcomes. To scrutinise the BSB's three-year Strategic Plan and annual Business Plan before the Board's signoff is sought. Agree actions to ensure that the BSB's associated strategies (Communications, IT, HR and research) are aligned to the corporate strategy;

2. to oversee operational and programme delivery (without duplicating the detailed oversight provided by any other committee or programme/project governance structure) as well as financial performance against the objectives and targets set out in the Business Plan. To support the Board and executive with finalising the BSB's Annual Report publications;

3. to consider the annual budget and revenue, in the context of the Strategic and Business Plans, to question whether proposed funding is adequate and properly and effectively allocated across the business, and agree certain levels of virement between programmes (as anticipated in the Finance Manual with levels set by the Committee from time to time);

4. to consider how the BSB presents financial information to best effect and with appropriate transparency and comprehensiveness. To consider the reliability of forecasting and how the pursuit and achievement of efficiency savings are reported;

5. to review and agree actions on the effectiveness of service level agreements within the organisation;

6. to consider how the BSB undertakes planning activity to best effect and in a timely and consistent manner, as well as to review the robustness of programme and project plans. To support the Board and the executive with the planning and monitoring of the implementation of the Regulatory Standards Framework; and

7. to agree how the BSB monitors, measures and reports organisational performance, regulatory effectiveness and value for money with appropriate transparency and in a timely and consistent manner. To consider the quarterly performance and regular effectiveness reports prior to submission to the Board. 

Five members, including a chair who must be a member of the Board and have an overall lay majority.

Invited to attend: Chair, BSB